St. Rose of Lima
118 South Gunnison Avenue
Buena Vista, CO  81211 
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Home    November 29, 2015

Pastor: Rev. Stephen Parlet
Deacon:         Rev. Mr. Dick Willburn
Roger Metzinger
Sunday Mass: 9:30am
Saturday Anticipated: 5:30pm
Weekday Mass: Tue., Thur., Fri, 8:15am Wed. 6:00pm
Holy Days: 6:00pm
Confession: Saturday 4:30pm or by


Are you looking for a way to serve our Parish by using your creativity to create fun and fellowship? After many years the Parish Life Commission has decided to disband its activities. We thank them for all their hard work and great memories!
Please contact the Parish Office if you are interested in taking on a new opportunity to bring our Parish family closer together with new and/or continued activities. Please consider "Paying it Forward" for all the hard work and fellowship the Parish Life Commission has provided us over the years.

  At its Sept. 8th meeting, the PARISH LIFE COMMISSION decided to

Indefinitely suspend its activities due to the small number of active members and

Apparently diminishing interest in parish members’ participation.

The following events will no longer be scheduled:

The Monthly Mixer, Coffee & Donuts,

Octoberfest, Wedding Anniversary

Celebration and the St. Patrick Party.

We want to thank all who have shared

these activities with us. If any group can

Continue these activities, we would be

happy to assist. ~ Jean & Ray Paricio







As a spiritual community of St. Rose of Lima,
a people of the Mountains,

We celebrate our Catholic Christian faith,
our commonality, and our diversity.

We openly practice a living faith with acceptance to all,
believing in the uniqueness of each person and striving,
by example, to share Christian beliefs
and values with all people.

Our ministry encircles our Parish Family
with love and understanding in building
a stronger faith community through worship,
education, and social ministries.

We promote spirituality, involvement, respect for life,
openness in the universal community, enabling and
empowering each person to the best of their ability.

We prayerfully commit to fulfill this
Mission Statement in union with the
Diocese of Colorado Springs,
and the Pope, the Bishop of Rome




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